Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never been to a symphony concert (or even if you have but still have some nagging questions) hopefully we have the answers to all your questions on this page. But if we don’t, you can always call the ticket office at 231.726.3231 and we will happily answer your questions.

What is a West Michigan Symphony Virtual Concert Hall Performance?
WMS virtual concerts are recorded “live” from the Frauenthal stage and made available to all ticket holders for viewing through the WMS website. The concerts are recorded by professional videographers and sound engineers using multiple camera angles and microphones to produce the highest quality concert experience.

How do I watch a West Michigan Symphony Virtual Concert Hall performance?
All you need is a device that connects to the internet to watch a concert. Any home computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone or smart TV can be used to attend a Virtual Concert Hall performance.

How do I buy a ticket to a Virtual Concert Hall concert?
Virtual Concert Tickets may be purchased on the WMS website or by contacting WMS patron services at 231.726.3231

Can I use my MusicFutures Pass to sign up for a Virtual Concert?
Yes! Your MusicFutures Pass is good toward the cost of a virtual ticket! Just call the office at 231.726.3231.

I’m not available for the concert broadcast time. Is there a way to view the concert later?
This is the beauty of the Virtual Concert Hall ticket! While the concert is “premiered” at a specific time, patrons can tune in later or even multiple times for up to ten days following a concert premiere.

I’m not tech savvy. Can I really access the Virtual Concert Hall?
Anyone familiar with email and the internet can participate. We’ve provided a “tips and tricks” section on our website. If you need a hand, the staff is available at 231.726.3231 to help.

When will you be going back to live performances?
The Frauenthal Center has announced that the venue is closed to the public at least through mid-March of 2021. As restrictions loosen, WMS and the Frauenthal will partner to allow audience members in the theater for the safest possible experience. We will notify all ticket holders in advance of the theater reopening. Regardless of this time frame, we will offer Virtual Concerts for concerts throughout the 2020-21 season.