PLAY YOUR PART is a $5,000,000 campaign that will build a strong foundation for WMS to continue enriching our community.

Why Music Matters

Many have tried to answer this question, but perhaps Plato said it best: “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

There is simply nothing to equal the soul-stirring joy of a live musical performance. But that joy is often only to be found in large cities that boast full-time symphonies and plenty of wealthy patrons.

How fortunate we are that Muskegon has found a different approach! The West Michigan Symphony provides every bit of the soul-stirring excitement that can be found in Chicago, Atlanta or New York. We have simply created a unique solution that fits our community needs.

We start with Music Director Scott Speck, a high profile, sought-after conductor who shares his time with other acclaimed ensembles (including Chicago’s famed Joffrey Ballet).

Then we add highly-qualified musicians. WMS is one of the country’s hybrid orchestras, with musicians who are paid “per service” (rehearsals and concerts) rather than salaried. Scott has cultivated an ensemble of 60 committed professionals who travel from throughout Michigan and 12 other states.

And finally, we highlight multiple facets of every performer, bringing in guest artists who can command the Frauenthal stage one night and transition to an intimate performance at The Block the next. We carefully plan educational outreach between performances to extract maximum return on investment for our community.

That is how a community like ours can enjoy live musical performances of this caliber.

We enrich the lakeshore communities in three vital and exciting ways:

Timeless symphonic presentations in a welcoming environment
WMS annually presents an 8-concert series of classical masterworks and entertaining pops in the Frauenthal Center. Internationally acclaimed soloists are drawn to West Michigan’s rich artistic environment.

Uncommon live experiences for the musically curious
WMS also offers 10-15 innovative performances of jazz, crossover-folk and classical chamber music at The Block each season. Neither club nor concert hall, The Block is a vibrant musical “third place” in the heart of downtown Muskegon

Enriching educational outreach to inspire a new generation of music lovers
WMS enriches the lives of children and youth through education programs provided free or at low cost to ensure wider access. Music and the arts furnish young people with important skills they need to better navigate through life.

Campaign Leadership

Larry & Lari Hines
Robert & Wendy Kersman
Fred & Joanna Norris
Mike & Kay Olthoff
Peter Turner & Jean Enright

Jan Deur
Kay Olthoff

Sherry Becker
Jon & Jane Blyth
Pete & Sherry Brown
Ryan Bryker
Susan Cloutier-Crain
Anne Dake
Kevin Even
Bill Eyke
Jim & Susan Geisler
Dave Gerdes
Kim Hammond
Paul & Karen Jackson
Roger Morgenstern
Steve & Deb Olsen
Mike Olthoff
Susan Rehrer
Tom Schaub & Mary Price
Al Steinman

Marilyn Andersen
Bernie & Cathy Berntson
Pat Donahue
Judy Hayner
Amy Heisser
Brad Hilleary
Clara Lang
Cindy Larsen
Gary Nelund
Dale Nesbary
Frank & Emma Peterson
Asaline Scott
John Severson
Dan & Ann Tabor
Rebecca Veltman
Troy Bell
Todd Jacobs
Steve Gawron
Walter Watt


Maestro: $250,000 and up
Michael & Kay Olthoff
Larry & Lari Hines
Jeffrey Lake Johnson

Premiere: $100,000-$249,999
Community Foundation for Muskegon County (CFFMC)
Douglas & Janet Hoch
Robert & Wendy Kersman
Scott & Donna Lachniet

Crescendo: $50,000-$99,999
Bernie & Cathy Berntson
Jon & Jane Blyth
Mary Theodore Danigelis
Jan & Laura Deur
Pat & Julie Donahue
Mark & Christine Fazakerley
Mrs Carol Folkert
Grand Haven Area Community Foundation (GHACF)
Howmet Aerospace
Dan & Sheryl Kuznar
Meijer Foundation
Patrick O’Leary Foundation
Steve & Deb Olsen
Jack & Becky Slimko
Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

Symphony: $25,000-$49,999
Pete & Sherry Brown
Orville & Susan Cloutier-Crain
Don & Kathy Dahlstrom
  matched by Charles Stewart Mott Fund
Rob & Cathleen Dubault
Eagle Alloy
William & Mary Lou Eyke
Fifth Third Bank
Paul & Karen Jackson
John & Jessie Martin
Monica Morse
Dr Richard & Nancy Peters
Tom Schaub & Mary Price

Concerto: $15,000-$24,999
Marilyn Andersen
Allen & Sandy Beck
Jackie Engel, CFP
James & Susan Geisler
Kimberly & Michael Martin
matched by Bank of America
Stephen & Susan Struck
Roger & Rebecca Tuuk

Prelude: $10,000-$14,999
Andy & Beth Buelow
G&L Hot Dogs
The Gerber Foundation
David Gerdes & Carolyn Smith-Gerdes
Stephen & Debra Jackson
F Martin & Dorothy A Johnson Fund of the GHACF
Paul C Johnson Fund of the CFFMC
Fred & Joanna Norris
Greg & Shelley Olson
Susan Rehrer
Robbins Road Animal Clinic
Dr Alan Steinman
John & Mary Swanson
Liz & Tom Trzaska matched by RENK America
Peter M Turner
Webb Chemical
Judy Wilcox

Overture: $5,000-$9,999
Bill Baldridge
Sherry Albertie Becker
Frank & Susan Bednarek
George & Lori Lynn Cannon
Cofessco Fire Protection
Consumers Energy
Dr Donald & Nancy Crandall
Anne & Allan Dake
Kevin & Annette Even
Mary Anne Gorman
Judith Hayner & Charlene Romanosky
Greg & Debi Hillebrand
Pat Hunt
Bari Johnson
Tom & Pat Johnson
Dick & Lynn Kamps
Ray & Betsy Komray
Clara Lang
Mark & Bonnie Meengs
Frank & Emma Peterson
Bruce & Marilyn Reichardt
Suzanne Richards & Lee Burlison
Kurt Rosen
Dr F Remington & Ginny Sprague
John & Sue Sytsema
Dan & Ann Tabor
Don & Jane Tjarksen
LJ Verplank
Webb Chemical
Kathy West in memory of David Alan West

Sonata: $1,000-$4,999
Anonymous (3)
Cynthia Ackerman
Christine Adams
Charles & Gloria Alstrom
Margo Atwell
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Jack & Marilyn Brown
Ryan & Katie Bryker
Ardy Bulthouse Kroes
  in honor of Amanda Dykhouse
Robert & Charlotte Chessman
Dr & Mrs Paul Christie
Dr Mark D & Kristina M Clark
Darlene Collet
Core Realty Partners
Kurt & Cheryl Deford
Jean Enright
Charles & Lynn Freeman
Evelyn Geile
Michael Gluhanich
Mr & Mrs Bill Hendrick
Cornelia Holley
Keith & Mary Kay Hopkins
Hugh & Barbara Hornstein
Richard & Holly Hughes
Ed Hunt & Nancy McCarthy
Joel & Kathleen Jarvis
Heather Kettler
Bruce & Mary Krueger
Peter Kurdziel
Michael Martin
Cindy Mazurek
Chris McGuigan & Gary Neal
Susan Meston
Roger & Jane Missimer
Roger & Michelle Morgenstern
  in memory of Richard & Nancy Morgenstern
Scott & Janee’ Musselman
Gary Nelund & Angie Wasserman-Nelund
  matched by State Farm Insurance
Dr Dale & Connie Nesbary
Steve & Kathy Parker
Gary & Beth Post
Denis & Barbara Potuznik
RENK America
David & Georganna Rice
David Roodvoets
John & Marilyn Ruck
John Saling & Diane Fischer
Jill Sanders
Chip & Susan Sawyer
Duane & Susan Schecter
Laura Schultz
John & Elaine Severson
Jocelyn Shaw & Doug Hannink
Shoreline Insurance Agency
Michael & Corina Soimar
Scott Speck in honor of the WMS Musicians
Ted & Judy Stojak
Suarez/Polakis Family
Marty & Heidi Sytsema
Bryce & Marti Tallant
Carol Parker Thompson
Peter & Judy Theune
Judy Tierney
Evan & Rachel Ufer
David & Laura Valk
Karen & John Wells
JR Whitby
Eleanor Williams
Dr Roy Winegar & Ms Barbara Klingenmaier
Jan Witt
Jane Wright
Robert & Joanne Zayko Environmental Fund of the CFFMC
Douglas & Jennifer Zwemer

Introit: Up to $999
Anonymous (4)
Larry & Sandra Austin
Susan A Bissell Memorial Fund
Charles Black
  in honor of Fred & Joanna Norris
Gary & Rhonda Bogner
Dana & Claudia Bryant
Jerry & Marcia Brichan
Benjamin Christian
  on behalf of Tina Horigan
E Jane Connell & Steven W Rosen
Calvin Deur
Harold & Mary Englund
Eugene Fethke
Martha Ferriby
Tilio Giacobassi Family
Erica Gillard
Harvey & Maraleigh Heyer
Ellen Hanichen
Gwen Hoffman
Doug & Judy Hostetler
Mary Ann Howe
Kristi Klomp
Randy & Debra Knapp
Pete & Mimi Kunz
Cindy Larsen
Joeseph & Barbara Legatz
Charles Matthews & Kay Cater Matthews
Patrick & Sheila Miller
Barb & John Mullally
Kathryn Neumann
Perry & Deb Newson
Amy Norris & MJ Towle
  in honor of Fred & Joanna Norris
James & Ruth Olthoff
Thomas Pascoe
Janet Payne
William & Gay Peterson
Linda Quaine
Rev William Randall
Mike & Char Ratchford
Stephen & Susan Salisbury
Schieholz/Hogan Fund of the CFFMC
Sally Schwartz
Asaline Scott
Joanie Smith
Howard & Marilyn Swanson
Warren Tibbitts
Richard & Marge Tourre
Mary Towner
Nancy & Gerritt Vanderwest
Rebecca Veltman
Duane & Laurie Wright
Raimonds T Ziemelis
Jim & Linda Zolman

Tune Up Donors: $5,000 and up
Cathy & Bernie Berntson Fund of CFFMC
Jon & Jane Blyth
Orville Crain & Susan Cloutier Crain
Community Foundation for Muskegon County (CFFMC)
Mary Theodore Danigelis
Jan & Laura Deur
Mark & Christine Fazakerley
Fifth Third Bank
Gerber Foundation
Harbor Steel & Supply Corporation
Hines Corporation
Dr Douglas E & Janet P Hoch
Howmet Aerospace Foundation
Dick & Lynn Kamps
Robert & Wendy Kersman
Dan & Sheryl Kuznar
Scott & Donna Lachniet
Meijer Foundation
Patrick J O’Leary & Karen Yamasaki
Steve & Deb Olsen
Mike & Kay Olthoff
Jack & Becky Slimko
Stephen & Susan Struck

Michigan Arts & Culture Council
National Endowment for the Arts